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Dr. Robin's Treatment Methodology

How we are different from other spinal decompression Treatments

In normal spinal decompression methods a decompression equipment has been used to distract the spinal structures especially in disc herniation cases to reduce the disc bulge and to decompress the nerve roots. It is mainly done in cervical and lumbar disc herniation.

But if the disc bulge is due to spinal misalignment (Subluxation), then spinal decompression equipments can’t do the job. That is why cases undergoing only spinal decompression equipments based treatment is not getting much relief .Misalignment of the spine cannot be corrected by the equipment .

Here is our treatment methodology really works.

Innovation in Spinal Disc Prolapse

Dr.Robin’s new innovative spinal gliding technique is a successful method of treatment for slipped disc cases.

In this treatment methodology, first we are diagnosing the failure point of each disc prolapse with the help of MRI reports . From that we are precisely analyzing disc bulge grade, spinal canal diameters, amount of misalignment of each spine, nerve compression and nerve demyelination.

After diagnosing precisely with all this reports, including NCS reports and then we are planning the treatment.

Treatment Methodology

Currently we are using two methods to correct disc prolapse .This treatment comes under advanced physical Therapy manipulation techniques.

Spinal Gliding Techniques using Spinal Decompression Equipments (Combined procedure)

In this method patient is positioned in the decompression equipment. A dose is fixed in the computer and the decompression equipment start distracting the spine. During this procedure, spinal gliding technique is performed by the doctor along with the procedure.

Spinal Manipulation Using Spinal Gliding Techniques

This technique is done without distracting the spine. This method is mainly useful in cases where equipments based gliding is not possible. This technique is manually done by the doctor.


Both this method help the disc to move into its normal position .once if the failure point (spinal misalignment) has been diagnosed and corrected through these methods, patients will get good relief from pain and numbness within 5-10 treatment sittings. Rest is very important for a complete recovery. Rest period will vary according to the severity.

Once if the compression is relieved in the spinal cord and spinal nerves, then demyelination happened in the spinal cord will be regenerated .Nerve signal will pass clearly to the limbs. Patients will get free from pain and numbness and they will get full strength to their limbs.

Recovery MRI and NCS reports taken after 2-3 months will confirm recovery in each case. Reduction of disc bugle can be visibly seen with the help of MRI reports.

Right diagnosis and right treatment is very important in disc prolapse .That is how we are successful in this treatment.

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