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Disc Prolapse Treatment in India - Gurupatham Spine Care Centre

Best Spine doctor in Tamil Nadu - Dr Robin Guru Singh- Disc Prolapse Treatment in India
Dr.B Robin Guru Singh Spine Specialist / Managing Director GSCC

I want to share a few words which are very important for those people who are suffering from Back pain issues. The spine is the mainframe of your body and requires to be taken care of more often than you realize. There is a lot of people who are suffering from back pain and never even knows the exact reason, some people opt for surgeries even and ever get a relief from the pain. There is a common misconception among the people that there is not permanent solutions for these issues and they opt for temporary solutions like pain killers, which on a long run affects the entire health. Most of the people always leading a painful happy less life and won't be able to concentrate on works or family,

God always give a solution for every problem. And here in Gurupatham Spine care you get a permanent solution for back pain related problems. We at Gurupatham Spine Care Centre, strive to maximize and improve the function and quality of our patient's lives. We are one of the top and best hospital for spine care in India with a legacy of innovation and excellence. Our aim is to restore hope and joy in the heart and soul of every patient with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled dedication to assure exemplary physical care. We are proud to offer an effective, non- invasive, and non-surgical treatment for chronic low back pain sufferers all over the world.

.We value integrity and never compromise with our values, we always care about making a positive impact on people. Our innovative treatment for chronic lower back pain relief--whether from herniated discs, pinched nerves, degenerative disc disease, or sciatica--has helped more than 23,000 patients.. So, if you've been in heavy pain too long, take medication multiple times a day, have tried cortisone shots, epidurals, nerve blocks, traction, stretching, exercises, lotions and potions, and have seen Doctor after Doctor who've not been able to help you end your pain - Don't give up we can help you get back to your life. /p>

Who we are

A fully established and non-invasive Spinal care centre like this - with cutting edge treatments, non-invasive innovative treatments and decompression treatments, helping patients heal permanently from spine problems. Gurupatham Spine Care Centre was established in 2007 by Dr.B Robin Guru Singh, mainly focuses on non-surgical solutions for spinal problems like disc prolapse, back pain, neck pain, spondylosis etc./p>

Best Spine speciality hospital in Tamil Nadu - Gurupatham Spine care centre- Disc prolapse Treatment in India


All staff members of Gurupatham Spine Care Centre are efficient licensed professionals.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide every individual who suffer from back problem, to have a permanent solution that is non invasive, drugless. We do this with the help of technologies to diagnose and create precise treatment solutions..

Most of the time, hospitals only have a solution of surgery to solve most back and neck problems, and success rates of this are not guaranteed. At our centre, we have consistently ensured a high success rate, and use methods that are more complementary to the innate body systems. We use technologies to complement and correct the problems in the spine, even in cases of disc prolapse etc.

t gives us immense satisfaction to provide this successful solution for all our patients. And the smile that we see on their faces is the most genuine encouragement that boosts our energy and commitment to continuing this journey.

Gurupatham Spine Care Centre

is an ISO Certified Organization

Best Spine care Specialist- Gurupatham


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