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Spine care centre  Specialities

Friendly Consultation

Consulting patients in a friendly manner

Non Invasive Spine care centre  Specialities

Proper Guidance

Guiding patients in the proper direction for complete cure

Non Surgical Slipped Disc Treatment

Medicineless Treatment

New treatment techniques without medicine that gives guaranteed results

Non invasive spinal care treatment in Tamil Nadu, India

Eco Friendly Atmosphere

Calm and hygienic environment for better health

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Gurupatham spine care centre

Gurupatham Spine Care Centre (GSCC), is an ISO Certified Organization started in the year 2007 with a vision to cure patients suffering from spine related problems. With God's grace, we were able to focus our skills on treating patients who were suffering from spinal problems, and our main aim was to help them live a pain free life. Over the years, our core level of expertise and commitment remains the same. Our commitment and dedication for spine care has become stronger with the passing of years; we have developed powerful and accurate expertise on non-invasive treatment which is best in the medical field!

By incorporating cutting edge technology in to our expertise in spine care, our healing capabilities have grown immensely. We have taken spine care treatment to a new innovative level, ensuring a permanent spinal solution for our patients. Our core competence is in providing wellness solutions that are long term and non-invasive. And our success rates are at an amazing 90 -95%.

Spine care Specialist - Dr Robin Guru Singh

Dr.B.Robin Guru Singh(PT) MPT(Ortho)

PGDMT(Manual Therapy),MIAP(L-13115)

Spine Specialist/Managing Director


At GSCC We Provide Advanced
non-invasive Treatment
For Disc Bulge, Back & Neck Pain

11 year Experience

23952Happy Patients


We Provide Advanced Non-Surgical Treatment for

  • Intervertebral Disc prolapse
  • Compressive Myelopathy
  • Vertebral Subluxation
  • Acute & chronic low Back Pain & Neck Pain
  • Spondylosis
  • Upper & lower limb Radiculopathy
  • Spinal Nerve Compression
  • Shoulder Blade Pain
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Our Specialities

We offers Advanced Non Surgical spinal decompression treatment combined with spine manipulation is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for all spine related problems.

  • Safe & Economical

    GSCC is safe and economical, and offers hope for the thousands of people who suffer from back and neck pain every day.

  • Non Surgical Solutions

    Established in 2007 GSCC Centre focuses on non-surgical solutions for spinal problems like disc prolapsed, back pain, neck pain etc

  • Advanced Technology

    We take the help of the advancements of technology, using sophisticated effective machinery and technology that decompresses the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

Non Surgical Drugless Spine care treatments in Tamil Nadu, India

Patient Testimonials

How Our Treatment Methodology Differs?

According to Dr.B Robin’s findings, Spine Subluxation or retrolisthesis is the main cause for intervertebral disc prolapse, which is not detectable during diagnosis. Bony subluxation slowly disturbs intervertebral disc and it weakens the end plate due to which the disc starts bulging and compresses the spinal cord and spinal nerve which results in radiculopathy. Severe pain and numbness will arise in upper limb and lower limb. If left untreated,it will lead to paresis and finally paralysis. Common areas of disc herniation is in cervical and lumbar spinal region and it is less common in dorsal region.

Gurupatham Spine Care Centre

is an ISO Certified Organization


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